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We helped more than 3000 people to become better communicators and develop their personal and professional skills.

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About us

GR8 is a personal and professional development club which works to make your life more successful and valuable.


Our services. Our purpose.

We help you to build your public speaking, academic writing and communicating skills in a very short period of time.

Soft MBA

Get that Job!

SOFT MBA program is designed to develop the skills required for careers in business and management. The program prepares you for the modern labor market. With 6-month program we will make you an attractive professional candidate for companies.

After successfully completing the program, SOFT MBA candidates pursue an internship at a partner company or organization of GR8, which can lead to concrete job opportunities in the future.

GPS – Great Personal Search

Courses to communicate in English effectively and improve your soft skills (3 months)

Practice Speaking

During 24 lesson course we craft remarkable speeches and practice unconditional speech.

Develop your soft skills

We also provide you with a number of training modules which makes you a better leader, team member and communicator.

Study and work abroad

Let’s make our dreams about U.S. and Europe come true.

Get an IELTS score that will change your future.

Get an opportunity to work within Europe’s leading organizations and companies.

Coaching Sessions

We listen. We ask. We find answers together.

We analyze your present situation and internal challenges.

We find answers and solutions that change your life course and make you fulfilled.

Cafe Conversation

Discuss fresh topics while drinking coffee.

Discuss topics that resonate with you.

Discover fresh ideas and new people.

Brands that work with us to create value

Our projects

From the beginning of our journey we accomplished projects that change our community for better.

European Union Internship

We provide opportunity for young people to work with European companies and organizations and acquire new skills to boost their career.

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Soft Skills training

We help you discover your inner talent and potential and sharpen your communication, leadership, team-building, customer service and presentation skills.

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Café Conversations

Meet new people and discuss hottest ideas with them in the heart of Baku while drinking cofe and having great weekend.

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GR8 Internship program

GR8 works with talented and persistent individuals who set big goals and deliver results. You can also be our intern and add your flavor to our team.

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KVAN presentation

GR8 team succesfully launched campaign for publishing first ever fundraised book in Azerbaijan. We helped 3000+ people to find their KVAN (Feeling of happiness).

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GR8 Free trainings

8 levels programme is all you need to start communicating and presenting effectively. You start and finish this thrilling journey with people just like you.

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What do people say about us?

People who tried and used GR8 services say:

"I tried many courses before I finally found GR8 and developed my speech in English. If you have grammar and vocabulary but can not speak fluently then I suggest GR8 Team."

Arzu Aghazamanova Accountant & Quality Manager,

"GR8 is an amazing team if you want to be taken serious and to receive customized service. Their innovative approach towards their training and services demonstrates their commitment and credibility."

Ulvi Aslanov Head of Research & Development,
High Tech Park Azerbaijan

"Human capital is the main resource of every company. GR8 can be proud of itself for the scale of this capital. Good luck in defeating all the obstacles and becoming GR8!"

Javid Mirzayev Head of Risk Management,
Kapital Bank

Become GR8 with us

Learn from our experts and qualified trainers.


Husband to a beautiful wife, father to two great babies.

Corporate Trainer on customer service and communication (8 years).

Presentation skills, does consulting on sales, leadership and presentation slide design.

Author of KVAN, the first lean published book in Azerbaijan.


More than 3 years experience in Career Advising, Training and Coaching.

Bloomberg BAT Ambassador at Eastern Mediterranean University.

Bachelor degree in Human Resource Management.


Master in Advanced European and International Studies, Nice/ France.

Policy Officer in European and International Organizations.

Studied and worked in 5 countries (Azerbaijan, Turkey, France, Germany and Belgium).

Experience in International Organizations and Projects (EP, WIP, AYAPE).

Ok. Enough! I want to join GR8 classes!

I want to discover my skills, power and talent. I want to speak and write in English fluently and confidently.


Nizami 203B, High Tech Park,
AF Business House, Baku, AZE

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COACHING – Individual

  • 4 coaching sessions
  • 1 session (60 minutes)
  • Road Map
  • Results Evalution
  • .

GPS - Group

  • 3-months program
  • 12 Personal Development Workshops
  • 1 session (90 minutes)
  • Certificate
  • .
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Soft MBA

  • 6-months program
  • 3-months GPS program
  • 48 Soft Skills Training & Workshop
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Internship
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